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Yoga Jellies

(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for Yoga Jellies

  1. B. Simms

    Perfect for yoga. I have sensitive wrists, and use these when doing planks, downward dog, and other moves that involve supporting with the hands. My knees are also sensitive, as I have chronic tendinitis in both, the jellies offer excellent cushioning for lunges@ and other poses where I have to be on my knees,. I should have gotten these a long time ago, but hestpitated die to the price. But they are worth every penny.

  2. GNUU

    My wife has always had issues with certain wrist stretches and rotations after a car accident years ago. She said these are the best. Can actually do all yoga exercises and no longer watches others complete full workouts. She is highly critical about products and she gives these a 10/10!

  3. kathi peterson

    Others in my yoga class are intrigued…I’ve let some try the jellies, they love them. I find they are very helpful, only thing is you have to keep repositioning them as you move through yoga poses. But, having said that, the support and softness of these jellies sure beats kneeling on a folded blanket or a cheapo garden kneeler pad.

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