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LED Refrigerator Light Bulb 40W Equivalent 120V A15 Fridge Waterproof Bulbs 5 W Daylight White 5000K E26 Medium Base Freez...

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  • THE BEST NO-HEAT BULB FOR REFRIGERATOR: A waterproof alternative to heat-emitting bulbs, this refrigerator light bulb emits not the usual blue-white light, but pure white light. It not only brightens your fridge or freezer but also gives it a new life.
  • WIDE-RANGING USE: Used in countless home appliances, this led refrigerator bulb works well in both kitchens and bathrooms. It is especially suited for fridges, freezers, and bedside lamps, thanks to its small size.
  • ENERGY SAVING: These 120v 40w fridge light have special LED filaments that consume only 5 watts worth of energy, while offering the equivalent of 40W of incandescent light bulb. Incandescent light bulb light about 1.5 hours, our fridge light bulb can light about 10 hours, and is therefore good for your energy bill.
  • BURABLE AND EASE OF USE: This 40w refrigerator bulb is made of plastic mask according to the LED chip unique cooling requirements thus ensuring long life.They are not only durable, you also won’t need to replace them frequently.
  • ☀ Worry-free After Sales: 12 Months REPLACEMENT. We will replace the refrigerator light bulb if there’s any problem.

Additional information



Special Features

Not Dimmable


5 Watts

Luminous Flux

550 Lumen

Type of Bulb



Lighting Facts

Batteries Required


Batteries Included?


Shade Material


Specific Uses





110 Volts

Included Components

Bulb included







Package Dimensions

3.75 x 3.5 x 2 inches

Item Weight

1.12 ounces

Incandescent equivalent

40 Watts


  1. Bill R

    I bought these hoping they would fit a whirlpool refrigerator and they do. If I ever need a bulb again, which I don’t think I’ll need, these will do the trick.

  2. Cat Lady

    I’ve only had this bulb for a few weeks, but it was a quick install and I loved how bright it was, so I immediately changed out the other old bulb, which was dim and dingy by comparison. I can’t say how energy efficient it is just yet, or how long it will last. But the prior bulbs lasted for many years, so if these last at least that long, I’ll be 100% satisfied. LEDs are known for energy efficiency and long-lasting, so I’ll be surprised if they don’t meet those expectations.

  3. Joyce

    My refrigerator needs a bulb, and I currently replced my range hood from microwave style to a real vent hood, and the hood didn’t come with the bulb. I looked over amazon and find this perfect pack. The bulbs fit the refrigerator and hood perfectly. If I need more bulbs, I will definitely come back.

  4. Alexandra Bailee

    The light in my refrigerator went out. No big deal. I’ve always loathed those little incandescent bulbs in the fridge. You are rooting around and touch the bulb. Ouch! It burns. Why the heck does anybody put something hot in a machine meant to keep things cool? I’ve replaced all the bulbs in my house with LEDs. I live in a hot climate and every bit of extra heat matters. So, I replaced my old bulb with this new LED bulb. It is fabulous. It’s cool to the touch. It’s wonderfully bright and the temperature of the light, 5000K, is perfect. Duh. Why didn’t I replace this bulb sooner?

  5. Kindle Customer

    I replaced both 40 watts incandescent bulbs after the door was left open a crack and the 80 watts of light heated my refrigerator up by almost 30 degrees in 3 hours. The bulbs make a modern upgrade to the lights in your refrigerator. The light is a very nice white color. The sockets are standard light bulb size and can be used for about anything. These are a good replacement for my refrigerator. Best of all they are cool when they are on!

  6. DCMoe

    I bought these bulbs to replace an existing incandescent refrigerator bulb that had a tendency to burn whatever lid might be touching it if the door was open for more than a few seconds. The LED bulb provides better, whiter light and, most important, remains cool to the touch even after being on for several minutes (like when cleaning the fridge or rearranging things). Energy-wise, this also means the fridge cooling apparatus isn’t fighting with a heat source when maintaining temperature. Got exactly what I was looking for!

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