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30 Days of Yoga: The Beginner Series with Ritesh Sheth

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5 reviews for 30 Days of Yoga: The Beginner Series with Ritesh Sheth

  1. kahea

    I love it! I haven’t practiced in forever, and this guy is great to follow. Its only 30 minutes and that’s good, because it’s easy to fit into a busy schedule, and time goes by quickly. I’m always surprised when the session is over. I will echo the other reviewer and just ask that some music or extra time be incorporated into the video for shavasana so I don’t have to find the remote and start a timer, interrupting the vibe.

  2. Katrina Keppler

    My husband and I have settled into this series after trying to follow several other Beginner or Gentle Yoga series. We appreciate Ritesh’s very calm yet not too verbose explanations. Day 5 is the first day that the Sun Salutations are slow enough for us to keep up, that is the only part that we just go at our own pace, and occasionally have to pause the video to complete them at a gentle pace (due to issues from knee replacement and rotator cuff impingement.) We agree with others, it would be nice to end with 10 minutes of relaxing music.

  3. Shanan Winters

    I’m really enjoying this series. I’ve followed many yoga instructors on YouTube and Prime, and this is one of the better ones I’ve found. It’s perfect for either beginners or people who have fallen out of practice and want to jump back in (raises hand… yeah, that’s me).
    The only suggestion I have is the same suggestion I have for every yoga video ever made: Shavasana. It’s always “Okay, now lay there like that…” and the video ENDS. And I’m laying there going, “Uhhh… the next video is going to start. I have to hit pause. Where did I put the remote? Oh, I can’t reach the remote…if I’d put the remote where I could reach it, I’d trip over it. Now I have to get up. I don’t want to get up. Okay, I’m up and the good feeling is gone.” Why can’t these videos just add 5 to 10 minutes of happy music… even with just a blank screen or credits or whatever…. so we can vibe with it? I mean, it would be to the artist’s benefit… they’re usually paid by minutes viewed on these platforms. That would be an extra several minutes per viewer and it would complete the practice for the viewer. Double-win.

  4. sparkalish

    This is a great beginner yoga series. There is no name brand yoga clothes or fancy props…it’s just a normal guy in everyday, comfortable clothes that speaks directly to the student with love and gratitude. Ritesh does a great job explaining the asanas, balance and importance of being still. I find myself looking forward to waking up every morning to practice.
    Thank you Ritesh, great work on this series!

  5. nsewus

    I purchased this series even though it’s available to me for free via Prime. The variety of 30 minutes sequences are excellent and include pranayama and mudra. I also really appreciate the instructor Ritesh is just this very calm, relaxed dude in a simple t shirt and shorts! He’s NOT doing acrobatics, hyping you up with platitudes, or wearing tight leggings. This instructor and the lessons are accessible for that person who wants to take a tour of yoga without feeling like you have to look like the Lululemon crowd to get anything out of it. The variety of styles keeps you interested, and the calendar day suggestions are a nice way to not get burned out on any one sequence for a beginner.
    Though I give this 5 stars, I do agree that there isn’t enough modification shown for beginners, but common sense and not forcing yourself into positions should prevent harm. These videos (like all home yoga videos) will work best for people who have had at least some basic face to face instruction so one can be confident modifying poses and checking alignment at home. I do hope to see more of this series in the future!

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